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    - The Fates of the Eruhíni
      An essay looking at the differing fates Tolkien designed for Elves and Men in Middle-Earth. Note: Written while I was in High School.
    - Númenor Essay
      An essay on the evolution of the island of Númenor in Tolkien's mind. This was an idea that grew in it's importance to Middle-Earth. Note: Written while I was in High School.
    - Magic at the End of the Third Age
      An essay written for the website examining the different uses of magic and magical artifacts at the end of the Third Age. Examples include Sting and Gandalf's uses of magic throughout The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
    - Heritage in Middle-Earth
      This essay looks at the aspect of heritage and how it affects the characters in Middle-Earth. Tolkien has made it clear that heritage plays an important role in the temperment and characteristics of the various characters.
Other: HOME (The History of Middle-Earth): Links:
    - Information Links
      Links to pages with information on Tolkien and Middle-Earth.
    - Image Archves
      Links to archives of images that are either Tolkien or Middle-Earth related.
    - Movie Links
      Links to pages with information about the Lord of the Rings movies and the upcoming movie version of The Hobbit.
    - Messageboards
      Links to Tolkien and Middle-Earth oriented messageboards.
    - Tolkien Related Fanfiction
      These are links to sites specializing in Tolkien themed fanfiction. While the majority of it is based on The Lord of the Rings, there is also a growing amount centered on The Silmarillion.
    - Official Sites
      Official sites for The Tolkien Society and other similar organizations as well as sites for noted authors on Tolkien as well as the HarperCollins Tolkien page.
    - Unrelated Links
      Sites which have no connection to Tolkien and Middle-Earth but which I wanted to link anyway.
    - Games Related Links
      Sites for the various Tolkien themed computer games available.
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