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These are the sections that are currently being worked on regarding the website:

    - The results of the Link Check (01/02/07)
    - The Entries to be Added list. This is a list of items/people/places to be added to the various sections.
    - The History of Middle-Earth sections. Currently working on adding the things/people/places from Chapter Two of The Book of Lost Tales One.
    - Bits of Tolkien trivia facts for the Random Trivia on the Main Page.
    - A master list of all the entries in the Characters from Middle-Earth, Places from Middle-Earth, Other from Middle-Earth, Things from Middle-Earth and Events from Middle-Earth with the links to all of the entries in alphabetical order.
    - The same for the History of Middle-Earth sections.
    - Three sections on the Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, one summarizing them in chronological order, one sorting by subject, and one sorting them on who the letters were addressed to.
    - The transfer of a number of sections into a database format for my ease of updating. The Quotes, Characters, Places, Things, Events, and Other from Middle-Earth sections as well as all of the ones for the History of Middle-Earth are in various states of completeness. This is a project which is turning out to take more time than I thought it would.

Planned additions for the future:

    - An essay on prophecies and fate in Middle-Earth.
    - An essay on music and magic in Middle-Earth.
    - The remaining chapter summaries for The Hobbit.
    - Chapter summaries for The Lord of the Rings.
    - Chapter Summaries for The Silmarillion.
    - Sections on the life of J.R.R. Tolkien, books about Tolkien and Middle-Earth and some of his non-Middle-Earth Books.

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