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The Ainur (The Music of the Ainur):

The first of the races that Illúvatar created, the Ainur were described by Rumil as "greatest is their power and glory of all his creatures within the world and without"(HOMEI.52). Some of the Ainur included Melko, Aulë, Ulmo and Manwë, but there were many more. We know of these and some others because they chose to become a part of the world after it's creation. These we know as the Valar.

Each of those who chose to live in the world had a particular affiliation with one subject. For example, Ulmo was particularly interested in and knowledgable of water, while the same was true of Manwë for the air. The Ainur who were living in the world were the ones who had to finish its design.

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Gnomes (The Music of the Ainur):

Another name for the Noldoli, one of the branches of the Eldar.

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Books used in this document:

    - The Book of Lost Tales One (HoME.I)
    - The Book of Lost Tales Two (HoME.II)
    - The Lays of Beleriand (HoME.III)
    - The Shaping of Middle-Earth (HoME.IV)
    - The Lost Road and Other Writings (HoME.V)
    - The Return of the Shadow (HoME.VI)
    - The Treason of Isengard (HoME.VII)
    - The War of the Ring (HoME.VIII)
    - Sauron Defeated (HoME.IX)
    - Morgoth's Ring (HoME.X)
    - The War of the Jewels (HoME.XI)
    - The Peoples of Middle-Earth (HoME.XII)

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