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What's New 2008

Updates are also listed at the following places: Finduilas's Tolkien Page Update Group.

    - October 31
      - Added a Google search engine to nearly every page for ease of searching this site. I've configured it to limit it to searching

    - October 7
      - Updated the Unrelated Links page, adding new links.
      - Added new links to the Official Links page, namely links to the homepages of some well known writers about Tolkien.

    - April 19
      - Removed the messageboard from the website, as well as all links to my old LiveJournal. I've removed the former because the only things being posted were spam that I had to remove. The final straw was when porn links started including images. The latter has been removed because I am no longer comfortable with the attitudes of the LiveJournal company and have decided not to post anything there anymore.

    - January 9
      - Added a new section: Unrelated Links, for interesting sites unrelated to Tolkien.

    - January 3
      - Today is the anniversary of Professor Tolkien's Birthday.
      - Updated the site to reflect the new year.

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