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What's New 2007

Updates are also listed at the following places: Finduilas's Tolkien Page Update Group.

    - December 10
      - A quirk in the drop-down menus where the only way to get rid of one was to mouse-over "Close Menu" has been fixed sitewide. Also, some of the page titles have been corrected.

    - December 6
      - The new version of the Artist Credits page is now up and running.
      - The quotes sections are nearly finished, and I'm working on the Places sections of the site. The data transfer for the Characters sections is done, now it's a matter of coding them to work with HTML.

    - December 5
      - No, I haven't forgotten the site. It's just taking longer than I thought it would to do the database transfer.
      - Added the "Bookmark" widget to every page of the layers version of the site.
      - Expanded the entry for Celebrian on the Characters from Middle-Earth C page.
      - Expanded the entries for Fangorn and Finarfin on the Characters from Middle-Earth F page.
      - Corrected the Quotes pages links to the Things from Middle-Earth pages. Formerly they were all directed to the one Things from Middle-Earth page rather than say Things from Middle-Earth A etc.
      - Added information from The Children of Hurín to all of the apropriate entries.
      - Updated the Artist Credits page, reworking it into the new database structure.
      - Incoporated the Races of Middle-Earth page into the same structure as the other pages, including related entries and the list of applicable books.
      - Updated the Quotes List pages to include the quotes from The Annotated Hobbit used in the Chapter Summaries.
      - Expanded the entry for Olwë on the Characters from Middle-Earth O page.
      - Expanded the entry for Primula Brandybuck slightly on the Characters from Middle-Earth P page.
      - Added a new link to the Fanfiction Links page.
      - Moved some entries such as Shelob from the Characters from Middle-Earth pages to the Other from Middle-Earth section.
      - Expanded the entry for Tom Bombadil on the Characters from Middle-Earth T page.
      - Updated the links on the Artist Credits page to the individual letters of the Events pages.

    - April 7
      - Removed the Tolkien Related Products section in it's entirety from the site.
      - Parts of the website are now in the process of being transferred to a database to make updating easier for me. This process is expected to take at least another month. Thank you for your patience.

    - April 6
      - Removed the Tolkien Related Products section in it's entirety from the site.
      - Corrected the broken layout image on the messageboard.
      - Completed the sitemap for the Google tools.
      - Corrected the links to the chapter discussion threads for The Hobbit.
      - Corrected the bullets and the book titles for the Timeline of Events page.

    - January 10
      - Stripped out some of the older HTML remaining from the Places in Middle-Earth pages and corrected a couple of small errors as well.
      - Worked with some of the Google tools to hopefully improve my site's standing.
      - Adjusted the Meta Tags for the site.
      - Added the entry for Huor to the Characters from Middle-Earth H page.
      - Updated the Entries to be Added page, removing the previously added entries.
      - Removed the "Close Window" button from the individual pages for each entry, replacing it with the "Last Modified" script.
      - Changed the Master List so that the entries load in the same window, rather than opening a new window.
      - Corrected the placement of the Master List (HOME) link in the menu at the bottom of each page.
      - Added the letter G to the Master List.

    - January 2
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