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What's New 2006

Updates are also listed at the following places: Finduilas's Tolkien Page Update Group.

    - December 16
      - Stripped out some of the older HTML remaining from the Events in Middle-Earth pages and corrected a couple of small errors as well.

    - December 13
      - Filled out the letter "F" in the Master List.
      - Removed a dead link from the Information Links page.
      - Corrected the links to the Tables version of the site and the messageboard in both the header and the footer of the site, as well as the messageboard link at the top of this page.
      - Created a new section in the Links menu: a page for links to the official Tolkien sites. Examples of these sites include the Tolkien Society site and the Tolkien Estate site.
      - Added a new link to the Image Links page. As usual, it is the last link on the page.
      - Corrected the URL's on the Messageboard. For some reason they were all still using the old address of, instead of the current one: This should fix the problem of the messageboard not loading some days.
      - Stripped out some of the older HTML remaining from the Characters from Middle-Earth pages and corrected a couple of small errors as well.
      - Stripped out some of the older HTML remaining from the Events in Middle-Earth page and corrected a couple of small errors as well.

    - November 13
    - August 19
    - August 18
    - July 10
      - Removing the extra white-space from all the content files. The starting size for the content folder was 3.97 MB. The finishing size is 3.59 MB, averaging a file size of 1.2 KB smaller.
      - Corrected the table on the Artist Credits page.
      - Adjusted the spacing on the Bibliography page.

    - May 4
    - April 30
    - March 10
      - Gave the Link Check pages their own title images as each of the other sections has.
      - Re-did the images for the alphabet used on the Characters pages etc.
      - Set up the 'master lists' of Quotes and Trivia to have the full header and footer of all the other pages.
      - Updated the Link Check results.

    - February 22
      - Corrected several miss-spelled links.
      - Added more quotes to the Random Quotes script on the Main Page and updated the master list for the script.
      - Updated the menus on the Messageboard to be consistent with the 2006 links.
      - Added the 'Last Modified' script to the bottom of each of the main pages.
      - Underlined the book titles throughout the site.
    - January 17 - January 15
      - I've finally started getting the site set for 2006.
      - Added the Random Quotes script to the index page for the site.
      - Added more bits of trivia to the Random Trivia script.
      - Made some corrections to the Misc. page.
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