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    - December 27 2000 / Blotmath 22
      - No visible change, but I have tidied up the webpage file system. I am sure that all the links and images will still work.
      - There are some broken links in the links section of this site, but I am running out of good sites to replace them with. The main example is the Demons Image Archive.
      - Minor corrections to the Artist Credits section.
    - November 13 2000 / Blotmath 22
      - Added two more sections: Other from HoME and Index of Quotes. Other from HoME is blank. Index of Quotes has the quotes from Home Page and part of the Lord of The Rings listed. I have not forgotten Characters from HoME and Places from HoME, but they are still blank.
      - Minor corrections to the Lord of the Rings section.
    - October 16 2000 / Winterfilth 24
      - Finished converting to a tables based navigation system.
    - September 8 2000 / Halimath 16
      - Fixed broken links on The Hobbit section and the Home Page.
      - Checked the links and changed them so they open in a new window (The same new window).
    - August 25 2000 / Halimath 2:
      - Shuffled the Messageboard around a bit, combining "Science Fiction Books" and "Fantasy Books" into "Other Books"
    - August 4 2000 / Wedmath 10:
      - Finished adding the new buttons. They should take less time to load.
      - Added two new sections (still blank though): Characters of the History of Middle-Earth, and Places of the History of Middle-Earth.
    - July 21 2000 / Afterlithe 27:
      - More fine-tuning. Fixed a problem with the backgrounds on all of the pages. I'm thinking of finding some way to make this site searchable, and I want to add a script that gives the date in the Middle-Earth calendar.
      - Added to the "Things in Middle-Earth" section.
    - July 20 2000 / Afterlithe 26:
      - Added the "What's New" Site Updates & News section.
      - Finished the stylistic changes.
      - Minor edits to the following sections: The Silmarillion and Biography of characters in Middle-Earth
      - New entries in the "Events in Middle-Earth" section, and in the "Other" section.
      - I have pretty much finished the "Events in Middle-Earth" section now.
    - July 19 2000 / Afterlithe 25:
      - The alternate url for my webpage, is set up. I had planned to have the alternate url up about a week ago. The regular address on the spiderspace server is, which has been down since July 1/ Afterlithe 15.
      - Doing some minor stylistic changes to the site. These are still going on.
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