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    - The Grey Havens
      Although the first page of the site is all about the movies, the rest of the site has several race-specific FAQ's. All in all, the navigation structure is very clear too.

    - The Encyclopedia of Arda
      The biggest Middle-Earth related encyclopedia online that I know of. This is a very useful site. Clear navigation structure. There is now an offline version available too.

    - Tolkien and Middle-Earth at Suite 101
      Essays written by Michael Martinez on just about every aspect of Middle-Earth, the books and the movies. Very interesting and well written. As of May 30, 2004, there are 143 articles.

    - Ardalambion
      A site on the elvish tongues of Middle-Earth, this is a good resource if you want to learn more about Quenya, Sindarin and the other languages Tolkien created.

    - The One Ring: The Complete Guide to Tolkien Online
      This site is essentially a link archive.

    - Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site
      This is a fun site. It has games, information, a messageboard and much more. This is the biggest messageboard I have found on the net to date. The site is divided into two parts, the site and the Forum. I actually spend far too much of my time here, under the name Endaewen.

    - Materials on "The Lord of the Rings and Other 20th Century Fantasy"
      Adobe Acrobat articles on Tolkien. The ones I've read are very good and very detailed.

    - What's in the History of Middle-Earth?
      One of the most useful sites on the HOME books that I have found, this site lists, in detail, the tables of contents for each of the twelve volumes.

    - Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle-Earth by Michael Martinez
      This page is the synopsis for the e-book by Michael Martinez. Many of the essays are from his column at the Suite 101 site. The link for the e-book is at the end of the synopsis.

    - HobbitLore
      A site that looks at the fusion of myth and history in the Lord of the Rings.

    - The Council of Elrond
      Another site that involves the member community. Besides this, it has news, and information relating to all facets of Tolkien: the Books, movies, web, etc.

    - The Tolkien Meta-FAQ
      This site is one of the larger Tolkien FAQ's out there. Also linked are a series of essays on Tolkien related topics.
    - A Bibliography of Scholarly Studies of J. R. R. Tolkien and His Works
      This is a bibliography of books and articles on J.R.R. Tolkien, current to the year 2000.

    - The Tolkien Gateway
      This is a unique site as far as I know. Its a Tolkien encyclopedia done in a wiki format. This means that anyone can contribute anything at any time and edit any of the rest of the content. Looks good.

    - Tolkien News
      Tolkien News lists all the current Tolkien-related news regarding events, CD's, websites etc.
    - Tolkien and Eidophonetics
      A small page with four essays on Tolkien and language. This is an older site, last updated in 2003. The essays are: The Philosophical Etymology of the Hobbit, The Philology of the Idea, A Basket of Mushrooms, and The Letterseeker.
    -The Tolkien Music List
      This site supposedly indexes all the songs that exist which have made reference to Tolkien and Tolkiens works. Some of the examples on here are from groups such as Rush or Led Zepplin.
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