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    - Isildur
      Written by Brian Crawford, this is one of the best pieces of Tolkien based fanfiction there is.

    - The Lord of the Rings section at
      A very large archive of Lord of the Rings fanfic based on both the books and the movies. However, it is of varying quality so reader beware.

    - The Silmarillion section of
      Much the same as the Lord of the Rings section.
    - Stories of Arda
      An archive of Middle-Earth only stories with some 'quality-control'. This is a fairly large archive of stories.
    - Tolkienshire
      A smaller archive which includes stories by several very good fanfic authors. All the stories seem to be linked from the Stories of Arda archive.

    - The Silmarillion Writers Guild Archive
      The newest archive for fanfiction based on The Silmarillion. The majority of the writers here seem to be involved with the Livejournal community of the same name.
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