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Farewell Party:

Bilbo's 111th birthday party, in which he disappeared, leaving Bag-End and all his belongings, including the Ring, to Frodo, who had had his 33rd birthday on the same day, and come of age according to Shire custom. The date was September 22 3001 of the Third Age.

The Lord of the Rings
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Fell Winter:

The long and unusually cold winter of Third Age 2911. In the records of the hobbits, it bears the name the Fell winter. During this winter, the Brandywine River froze over and the Shire was invaded by wolves.

The Lord of the Rings
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First War:

The first war between Melkor and the Valar. This took place during the completion of the building of Arda. Melkor fled the latecomer, Tulkas and the Valar were able to complete their creation.

The Silmarillion
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