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Vala, Ulmo ruled the oceans and other waters. Ulmo had more pity for the Elves and Men, than many of the Valar and was from the beginning, argued against the summons to Valinor for the Elves. Unlike the other Valar, Ulmo does not live in Valinor, but rather dwells in the oceans. It was his protection in the river Sirion that long protected the gateway to Gondolin, along with the protection of the Eagles of Manwë.

The Silmarillion
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Tuor and Ulmo


The wife of Ossë, Uinen would calm his storms and was a protector of mariners. Thus she was well loved by all who had anything to do with the seas. Like Ossë, Unien is a Maia, and was given her charge by Ulmo.

The Silmarillion
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