The younger son of Denthor, Faramir was born five years after his brother Boromir, in the year 2983 of the Third Age. Unlike his brother, Faramir was a gentle man who preferred music to fighting. He was a brave captain though, in battle and all his men loved him.

After the death of Boromir, Faramir became Denethor's heir, and the captain of the White Tower. After being wounded by a Southron dart, and being affected by the Black Breath of the Nazgûl, Faramir was nearly burned alive by his father, when Denethor chose to burn himself. He was saved by Beregond, and by Gandalf. Faramir was healed by Aragorn, after the Battle of the Pelennor fields. Faramir was technically the last of the Ruling Stewards, though he only prepared the City for the coming of the King. After the Crowning of Aragorn, Faramir was given Ithilien and made a prince. He remained the Steward after the crowning of Aragorn.

The Lord of the Rings

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