Elladan was the brother of Elrohir and Arwen, and son of Elrond and Celebrian. Born in the year 130 of the Third Age of the Sun, as was Elrohir, there is some suggestion that they may be twins.

He was with the Rangers who followed Aragorn through the Paths of the Dead and was a part of the council who decided to fight on the Dagorlad to keep Sauron busy at the end. He, like his brother had acted as a scout with the Rangers to search out the spies of Sauron and the fate of the Nazgul at the beginning of the War of the Ring.

Nobody is quite certain of his fate, as he chose not to sail into the West with his father and the Bearers of the Three. Did he choose the fate of the Edain, or did he sail later? There is a strong suggestion that he and his brother would not have been able to go later and so they must have chosen as their sister did. Either way, no death date is known.

The Lord of the Rings

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