One of the elves of Doriath, Daeron was considered to be the greatest of the minstrels in Middle-Earth. Though he loved Lúthien, the daughter of King Thingol, she did not love him in return. Because of his love, he twice betrayed her to her father. First, when she had first met Beren, and the second time, when she had gone to Daeron for help in rescuing Beren from the dungeons of Sauron.

One of the other deeds for which Daeron was remembered was the creation of the Cirth, a series of runes for inscriptions. These were used mainly by the Dwarves at least until the end of the Third Age. On seeing them in the Book of Mazarbul, Gandalf called the runes 'Daeron's Runes'.

Daeron became the best minstrel out of love for Lúthien, composing music for her to dance and sing to.

When Lúthien left Doriath in search of Beren, Daeron went searching for her. However, he never found her and ended up wandering into the Eastern regions of Middle-Earth, where for ages afterwards, he composed laments in her name. Nothing is known of when or if he died.

The Silmarillion
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