Arvedui was the fifteenth and last king of Arnor. It was fortold by Malbeth the Seer at his birth that he would be the last king of Arnor and so his name literally means 'last king'. Arvedui came to rule Arnor in 1964 of the Third Age of the Sun. He ruled until 1974, when Arnor was finally overcome by the armies of the Witch-King.

During his reign, Arnor was fighting the forces of the Witch-King of Angmar. They were over-run and Arvedui sent his sons to Lindon for safety. Arvedui himself remained in hiding on the North Downs and eventually fled north into the region of Forochel where he took refuge with the Men living there. He died in 1975, when the ship sent by Cirdan was crushed by the icebergs.

The Lord of the Rings
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