November 13, 2006:
    - Added another set of prompts to the prompts page: Elves. This makes seven groups of prompts to choose from.
    - Still only the one participant: endaewen
June 24, 2006:
    - Added another set of prompts to the prompts page: Hobbits. This makes six groups of prompts to choose from.
    - Clarified the rules below, somewhat.
    - Still only the one participant: endaewen
April 29, 2006:
    - Set up the site itself and the arda100 LJ community. The arda100 fic community and challenge is now open for writing.
    - 1 participant at this time: endaewen.

The rules are simple: You pick your character and your prompt set, then you write a story for each of the prompts in the set with a minimum of a hundred words and post it to the community. All the stories must have a connection with each of the characters you have chosen, though they don't have to be the main focus of the story.

When posting your story, please include in the header the: title, disclaimer, rating, summary, character/group, and prompt set. Please also post the story itself behind a lj-cut.

When you've written all 100 prompts, you alert the community and your name will be added to the Completed Challenge page and you will be given a banner to use where ever you choose.

Specific to Arda100:

    - Please only pick one character/group at a time. Once you've completed one set, you can start another, with either the same characters or the same set of prompts, or pick an entirely new set of prompts or characters.

    - I'd really appreciate it if no more than five people would be doing the same character and prompt set (for example, Frodo and the first group of prompts). That way there is some variety to the characters. I know how alluring the hobbits can be. This is why there is the list of participating authors on the site.

    - Be careful which character and prompt sets you pick. While it is theoretically possible (might be challenging) to have a Third Age character filling in the First Age prompts, I sincerely doubt it is possible to do the reverse (for example, 'Feanor' and the prompt 'Gondor').

    - Above all, have fun.
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